Monday, 22 November 2004

Kennedy assassination game

It's OK, it's educational:
Ewing said the game was designed to undermine the theory there was some shadowy plot behind the assassination. "We believe passionately there was no conspiracy," he said.
Of course, even if you can prove that it was possible for Lee Harvey Oswald to shoot Kennedy acting alone, that doesn't prove that Lee Harvey Oswald did shoot Kennedy acting alone. A flaw, perhaps, but there are clues that the game producers' intentions aren't purely educational:
Shooting the image of Kennedy in the right spots in the right sequence adds to the score, while "errors" like shooting first lady Jacqueline Kennedy lead to deductions.

Each shot can be replayed in slow motion, and the bullets can be tracked as they travel and pass through Kennedy's digitally recreated body. Players can choose to see blood by pressing a "blood effects" option.

Hours of fun.

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